Monday, October 6, 2014


I like the TV show About A Boy, mostly because it's about an eligible bachelor who gets away with Going His Own Way.

I also liked the movie with the same title (starring Hugh Grant) and the novel they are based on (written by Nick Hornby). So, maybe it's just my personal taste (which there is no accounting for).
Yeah, you have to get past all the Hollywood crap about showing him the "error of his ways" every week, but the next episode always starts with him reset as a confirmed bachelor -- as though he never learned last week's lesson. Better yet, he consistently pulls the boy out from under his domineering mother's smothering of the week.

I'm glad it's popular enough to be renewed for a second season. Most shows, and most commercials, treat men far worse and expect us to like it. Typically, the domineering mother wins. 

This show is a welcome change.

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