Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MGTOWs Should Cut The Cable!

For Us MGTOWs...

TV bombards us with anti-male propaganda.
"Men are idiots... Men should be happy for women to pick their pockets... Men should be subject to physical violence from women with no recourse..." The list goes on.

Why on earth should I pay for this?

The fact is, that every cable subscriber is paying for this!

Yes, you are paying for shows that you don't watch. You are paying for commercials and shows - all of them - that make men into dupes, walking ATMs, and punching bags. It doesn't matter if you watch them or not. You are paying for them.

Your subscription dollars go to everything on cable. Everything.

For Married MRAs...

I have an acquaintance who tells me her family spends about $120 per month on cable. That's $1,440 per year that could be in the family pocket.

She has two kids in the early years of grade school. What will those kids look back on as fond memories? Will it be things they did with Mom and Dad, or will it be TV shows they saw?

My advice to her, and all moms and dads is to spend time with your kids and skimp on the TV!! Use that savings for camping in state parks (best family times ever), picnics, days at the beach, or playing cards and board games around the kitchen table.

Dad, mom, they're never too young to learn poker, bridge, hearts, Monopoly, Parcheesi, chess ... and they will be glad they did.

Mom, teach them the basics of cooking from a recipe, how to do laundry, other college and real life survival skills.

That's what your kids will remember as the happy times.

Nobody remembers the TV show they saw in third grade. We all (we lucky ones) remember the rummy games around the campfire in front of the rented camper van.

One MGHOW's Answer...

What I did is cut my cable, use the first month's savings to put up an outside antenna, and watch 'free' TV. On top of that, I have the internet, various streaming TV sites, and DVDs from the library, RedBox, and Amazon. Between them, they offer more video entertainment than I can consume.
I have a few (only a few) favorite TV shows. I wait one day and watch them over the internet. The keepers, I buy the DVD sets.

Sporting events?

You got me there. I join a group and watch whatever the game is at someone's man cave on their giant screen. We drink too much and eat lots of junk food. We all chip in, so Mr. Man Cave eats and drinks for free -- thus, the karma is balanced.

Mostly, we hang out and do the male bonding thing. Otherwise, all I care about is the point spread, which will be on the internet news a minute after the game is over.

Most games aren't worth my time -- the point spread is all that matters really. We're all better off if I stay home and play fetch with my dog. It's less fattening, and I'm not in danger of a DUI ticket.

Cut the cable!

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