Thursday, September 4, 2014

Home Schooling - Kids Going Their Own Way

You will have noticed that home schooled kids are over-represented among the winners of spelling bees, math competitions, chess tournaments, music competitions, and the like. They aren't smarter or more talented. They are better educated. 

That's Better Educated. Period. 

Your children are wasting valuable time in public school. Home schooled kids are running rings around them. 
Read this: 
Mississippi school says kindergartener injured herself on playground; mom believes she was attacked by student, website reports
Your children are being tortured, mentally and sometimes physically, in public schools. Bring them home. 
Home schooling is a popular subject. A web search produced 453-million hits. A YouTube search produced a paltry 38-million. My local library has dozens of books on home schooling. 
I totally recommend home schooling if you can possibly manage it. For your son's and daughter's sakes, give them the education the government run schools can't. (Actually, they can. It's just that they won't. It's too much work.) If you think I'm biased against public schools, you're right. Read this: 

The Empire Strikes Back: Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Files Appeal To Force Crappy Teachers On Poor Kids

Public schools are at war with boys.
If you can't manage home schooling, then get your boy hooked up with books from here:

"Our mission is to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers."

If you're worried about them not developing athletic skills or socializing, then stick them in little league or soccer or something. They will excel - if you home coach them! (My personal choice is to put them in martial arts, like judo. Let's have them learn a life skill as opposed to a game.) 

Get your kids out of the public schools. Let them Go Their Own Way by personally showing them the way. No one cares about your kids like you do.

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