Thursday, September 18, 2014

MGTOW Sports Betting

Before you make a serious bet (any amount larger than the price of a beer), read this guy's books.

The Fix Is In

At very least, read the key articles on his site.

MGTOW Betting

Back in my high school days, other guys would try to get me to bet on a game. I never liked this. It causes friction with my friends. It is an avenue for my unfriends to skin me.

What I did was:
  • Memorize the point spread in advance. The sports media published these things.
  • Change the spread by one point in my favor.
  • Agree to the bet with my spread.
For example:

"I'll betcha big bucks my team beats yours this week," said the unfriend.
"Okay. I'll take that bet if you give me ten (or whatever) points," replied I.

This will have two outcomes, both in my favor (keeping in mind I don't like betting in the first place).

1. "I ain't doin' that. That ain't fair. Fergit it."
- My preference.
2. "Duh, okay."
- Acceptable, if not optimal.

If you watched the first season of the TV series Boardwalk Empire, you will remember Arnold Rothstein going on about never taking bets unless he is sure he will win. That's the way to do it in this cruel world.

Rothstein also cheated; he put in the fix, but that's another story.  It's the story of pro sports since before the age of TV.

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