Monday, September 15, 2014

MGTOW vs. Marriage

The United Singles of America by Dr. Helen Smith

Dr. Smith quotes and discusses a recent article on the decline of marriage in the USA. This is the money quote for me:

Given the lack of due process, the tendency to blame men for relationship problems and unequal treatment in domestic relations, men might be better off not living too long with any one woman. This is bad for society and families, but might be a better solution for individual men. 

I agree. That's why I call myself one of the MGTOW.

Saneity produces some interesting charts and presents his analysis: 

Observing the Decline: Single is now the preferred lifestyle
"I'm thirty and I want to get married now. Where's Mr. Right?"

Well, Ms. Libbie, he's buying drinks for some 22 year old. If it's any consolation, he's not going to marry her either.

Marriage In Decline

The mainstream media has been commenting on the declining rate of marriage world wide. I think the decline itself is because men are wising up to how dangerous it is under today's laws. I think the MSM runs the occasional story because it distresses the entire marriage-divorce industry, which impacts its advertising revenue. The MSM's feminist wing is bitching about it, so they have plenty of internal pressure to do a story too. (Feminists bitching about something? Imagine my surprise. What's next?)

Marriage is declining globally: Can you say that?

They (the feminists and their MSM patsies) think it's our fault too, but they think it's because we are defective. So, ladies, how come you're so eager to marry a defective? Is it so you can divorce the living shit out of him in a few years?

I learned from the mistakes of the married men around me. From childhood on, I've witnessed grossly unhappy marriages and brutally punishing divorces. Yes, it's the men who were unhappy and punished. It's safe to say, I've been MGTOW since my preteen years.

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