Monday, September 8, 2014

Why I'm a MGHOW

I've Never Married. (I've had some near misses, but I escaped in the end.) I'm a Man Going His Own Way. Here's a collection of articles and videos that explains what to me is the obvious. 

Are monastics and hippies and poets relevant? No, we’re deliberately irrelevant. We live with an ingrained irrelevance which is proper to every human being. The marginal person accepts the basic irrelevance of the human condition, an irrelevance which is manifested above all by the fact of death.
- Thomas Merton, “Clouds and Water”

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.
- Michael Corleone, "The Godfather III"


Sandman hits the mark! (Yes, I've had this done to me.)

Then there is the marriage ceremony and reception. The expense is damnable.


The prenup is just another hurdle for one side to overcome…”

Famous wedding resort will offer weekend ‘divorce packages’

In praise (not!) of feminism

I'm a Feminist and I Hate Being a Woman

After the inevitable divorce ...

RETIRE CHEAP IN THAILAND - Lesson # 1 - Accommodation; Where, How Much and Why?

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