Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not MGTOW, but...

I would rather spend two days driving than half a day flying.

Cramped seats and angry passengers lead to diverted flights http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-legroom-fights-20140903-story.html#page=1

The car's driver’s seat is more comfortable than any airliner can be, even first class. I have all the elbow and knee room I want. I control the music, air conditioning, and who rides with me. Nobody has to climb over me to get anyplace. Nobody's kid is kicking my seat back. I get to see scenery and stop at interesting sites along the way. Best of all, there are no airport hassles. 

Travel tip: When I do have to fly, I bring disposable razors. I leave my expensive razor at home. In fact, I bring nothing I wouldn't care too much about if it ended up in a TSA agent's pocket.

I am happy with my safety razor.

All That Newfangled Shaving Gear Can’t Compare to the Old-Fashioned Stuff

I've given up on electric razors. They don't last long enough, and they cost too dang much.

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