Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The War Against Boys - A Book Review

The War Against Boys: How misguided feminism is harming our young men, by Christina Hoff Sommers
Simon & Schuster 2001
ISBN: 0684849577 ; 978-0684849577

I especially recommend this book to parents of school aged children. I would recommend it to educators and academics, but they have it already, or they are a lost cause in the first place.

The style is readable. It is more dry and academic than aimed at the popular taste for the chatty. It is jammed with facts and figures, which are fully explained in a concise to-the-point text.

The 2001 hardback is very reasonably priced on Amazon. I whistled up a copy, and it's a keeper. There is a 2008 edition (Paw Prints Press) which I haven't seen, but I believe is updated and expanded.

But Wait! There's More! 
Here is a YouTube video by the author which covers the major points. (Well, the majors in my mind. The book has far, far more than what's in the video.) I recommend watching this before deciding to buy and read.

Money quote: "Boys are treated like defective girls." ... And ain't that the truth!

If you have a son in school from K through college, then you need this book to understand what he is going through. 

Dr. Helen Smith has written extensively on this. Here is one article from her blog: http://pjmedia.com/drhelen/2013/10/28/boys-are-treated-like-defective-girls/

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