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Bachelor Pad Economics - a book review.

Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey.
Available in paperback and Kindle e-book.
ISBN: 9781494463182 ; 1494463180
Aaron Clarey's blog is Captain Capitalism

The Amazon blurb says:
“Bachelor Pad Economics” is THE financial advice bible for men…and any women who are bold enough to read it!

Good Advice. 
The book is an encyclopedia of economic advice. Up until now, we had to learn these things the hard way - by making stupid mistakes and losing money and time. Some of us suffered serious harm because we didn't have the information in this book.

The book is over 500 pages long with 15 chapters and an extensive list of resources. There is too much to cover in detail, so I'm focusing on three topics close to my heart. (You will find the Table of Contents at the end.)

First, read the introduction, How to Read this Book, and then read Chapter 3 - Philosophy. After that, skip around as necessity and interest guide you.

Education. Chapter 4. A college education can, and probably will, leave you broke, with debts you cannot escape, and - worst of all - no job prospects. There are ways to get a college education without being shackled to the banks. There are jobs that do not require degrees, jobs which pay better than those that do.

Do you have a white collar office job? The guy who fixes your car makes more than your boss, and Mr. Mechanic didn't rack up a ton of college loan debt getting there.

Girls. Chapter 7. No matter how you cut it, men have a relationship of some sort with women. We all have a mother, no exceptions. If you are a hermit, your relationship is abstinence. If you are a pick up artist, you're heavily involved. A MGTOW can be anywhere between these extremes.

The question addressed in the book is: How does it affect you economically? A hermit has it lots cheaper than a club hopping PUA. Both have a better shot at financial solvency than a married man with children heading toward the inevitable divorce.

If you decide to go PUA, this chapter has all the how-to info you need - not what you'd expect in a book with "Economics" in the title.

[A personal aside: I wouldn’t want the PUA's chances for catching an incurable disease - or getting brought up on false rape charges. I'm not sure getting laid is worth an STD. In fact, I’ve tried it both ways, more than once, and I prefer disease-free. Likewise, I'd prefer to live a long and peaceful life without defending myself in court. -WM]

Housing and transportation. Chapters 8 & 9. For most people, our biggest expenses (before retirement) will be paying for where we live and our cars. In here you'll learn how to live and drive without getting skinned alive.

Retirement. Chapter 15 - End of Life Planning. The day may come when you are too old to work, or just plain sick and tired of it. You need to support yourself. Maybe you want to "retire" young (I did). How are you going to do it?

By the way, if you spend the last year of your life in a hospital bed stuck full of tubes, then this will cost you more than most people's houses. Your widow and orphaned children will be left with a mountain of your debts, and your last memories will be of a living hell.

My recommendation: Buy Bachelor Pad Economics.
Consult this book before doing anything important.

How to Read this Book (mandatory)
1. Leaderless, Guideless, and Adrift
2. Philosophy
3. The Basics
4. Education
5. Career
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Girls
8. Housing and Lodging
9. Cars and Transportation
10. Maintenance and Repair
11. Investing and Retirement Planning
12. Wife and Kids
13. Legal
14. Economics
15. End of Life Planning
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  1. Excellent book! I bought the print copy for my son, and the Kindle version for me. It is definitely Aaron's best book to date.

    I also reviewed the book here:

    My blog also tends toward the MGTOW philosophy. It's good to see the message is being spread by more and more men. Good job!