Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Economics of Sex and MGTOW

A series of links lead me to this video,

In my view, everything we do is a form of economic transaction, meaning we trade our time or money for something we want.  Here are three examples:
  • We spend a day hanging out with friends, and trade time for companionship.
  • We spend a day at work, and trade time for wages.
  • We trade our wages for the latest video game.
You get the idea.

Was the trade a good one? That is the same as asking if the cost was worth the benefit. This brings me to Men Going Their Own Way:

Is marriage worth the cost under today's laws and social customs?

Is dating worth its cost?

Are you better off spending your time working out and enjoying a hobby, or going club hopping?

Which costs less time and money and provides a greater benefit in the form of getting laid, (1) club hopping, or (2) hiring a high quality escort?

We live in a world where men are literally robbed by the courts because a wife or girlfriend decided to use the legal system against them. Is the risk (which is a form of cost) worth the benefit of female companionship?

Whatever choices you make in your life, I hope the cost/benefit ratio always comes out in your favor.

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