Saturday, August 16, 2014

The more money you spend on trivia, the less you will have for things that matter.  Do you like beer, cigars, motorcycles, bar hopping, PUA-ing, any of life's little luxuries?  That money's gotta come from somewhere!
How to Live Cheaply - Wikihow
  • Cook for yourself.
  • Move to inexpensive housing.
  • Move to an area with low cost of living.
  • Save on bills.
  • Have fun for less money
  • Prioritize - make good choices
Cable is a special beef of mine. 
Cut Your Cable! Cable TV is costing you money (of course), costing you time (something you can never get back), and causing depression in many people (maybe you). You can always get DVDs or download shows you really love, and it will be cheaper and free of commercials.

No worries! The sports news will be on the internet, broadcast TV, and radio. So will the regular news and weather. Cut the cable. It's a ripoff. 

Fun Project: For a real eye opener, hunt YouTube and blogs for cable horror stories.  First they pick your pocket, then they heap abuse on you.  Don't be a sucker. 

Good blog:
The Economics of Marriage There are several other threads hosted on this blog that cover cheap living. 
Learn about economics from an expert:

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