Saturday, August 30, 2014

MGTOW Philosophy - Some Questions - No Answers - Part 2.

What does it mean for Men to Go Their Own Way?  

These three videos on ancient Greek philosophy have some good suggestions toward the answer to that question.  They will take less than half an hour to watch. There are thousands more videos where these came from.

Stoicism: Many MGTOWs are Stoics, but don't know it. Here's a two part video that sums it up nicely:
I am mostly a Stoic, with large dollops of Cynicism and Epicureanism mixed in.

Cynicism: This school of philosophy is an extreme form of MGTOW. Here's an 8 minute video:
I can't really call myself a Cynic, mainly because I don't have the gumption to go as far as Diogenes did. I'm all for a milder version of this philosophy, one that involves things like eating a proper diet, living inside houses, and wearing warm clothes in winter.

Epicureanism: Three Minute Philosophy: Epicurus and Zeno

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