Saturday, August 23, 2014

Economics of MGTOW

Recently a friend emailed this to me: 
Apparently it has gotten so bad in the dating/marriage industry that women know that it's going on. But because of their feminist group think they won't change any of the laws (women are like a Union, as Robert DiNiro said in "Taxi Driver"). 

MGTOW will start to hit the economy. As I told Sandman let's say a 30 year old guy goes MGTOW. Guess who losses:
1. Car dealers. He does not need to buy a BMW to impress a women, he can drive an old car
2. Dating coaches
3. Clothing stores (doesn't need expensive clothes, except to meet the workplace dress code).
4. All the merchants who benefit from Valentine's Day [My friend omitted birthdays, anniversaries, Xmas, New Years, all those other occasions we buy crap for. -WM]
5. The marriage and honeymoon industry (engagement rings, wedding rings, reception, honeymoon) (Maybe $25,000 right there, maybe more)
6. The industries that make stuff for kids
7. Finally, the divorce industry (lawyers, counselors, the need for 2 homes etc).

Just those 7 items alone from one guy going MGTOW probably takes $400,000 or more out of the consumer economy and put it in the man's pocket. I think that is why MGTOW worries society. What do you think?

This is my reply: 
You are right about the economic impact of course. I don't think that's what worries most feminists. After all, the ones who put themselves on YouTube don't seem capable of simple arithmetic, let alone economic analysis. Frankly, I'm surprised they can tie their own shoes and not make messes in people's houses. 

I think they are worried about a large group that has gotten out from under the feminist thumb. These feminists are people who are doing a piss poor job of running their own lives, so they devote themselves to running ours. Too bad for them, we aren't sitting still for that.

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