Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not All Women Are Like That

NAWALT is a fact. There might not be many, but it's statistically impossible that the number be zero.
Just when you give up all hope on humanity, these come along. There are good links in the sidebars too.

Umm ... I am not saying you should run down to the bar or club and beg some broad to marry you. I don't think there is a high percentage of NAWALTs in the population of barflies.

If you do find a perfect NAWALT angel, will she stay that way? No, probably not. More likely, she will turn out to be a normal human female like all the others. The odds are against you.

Wedlock - Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack. May, 1734. 

Wedlock, as old men note, hath likened been,
Unto a public crowd or common rout;
Where those that are without would fain get in,
And those that are within, would fain get out.
Grief often treads upon the heels of pleasure,
Marry'd in haste, we oft repent at leisure;
Some by experience find these words missplaced,
Marry'd at leisure, they repent in haste.

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