Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MGTOW National Politics

Ron Paul asserts "opting out harms no one."
I agree. I should be able to pick and chose the details of how I run my life without "help" from the government or any pressure groups. That goes double for who I ask out on dates, and who I don't ask. 

Congressman on mission to disarm federal agencies
I wrote my Congressman in support of this, and so should you - lest someday you find an IRS SWAT team at your door to collect an unpaid "bachelor tax." 

The World needs Whingeing, Neo-Feminist Harpies like Fish Need Bicycles

Snappy comeback: What does a bicycle need a fish for in the first place? Okay, it's a fact that the occasional Saturday night ride is a bit of fun ... but there is always a mess of scales and slime to clean up the next morning.

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